Company Profile

WBS is a water pump brand of Dingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd.The WBS pump brand comes from Wenling, Zhejiang, China's water pump city. 70% of the world's water pumps are produced here. WBS began producing water pumps in 1998. In 2008, we independently developed and produced solar water pumps. We have OEM production for more than 200 solar pump dealers around the world. Over the past 10 years, we have produced more than 150,000 sets of solar water pumps that have been exported to other parts of the world. We have continued to iterate on the research and development of solar water pumps, meet international quality standards and have a number of technical patents.

The Australian people enjoy the best sunshine in the world. WBS also hopes that the Australian people can freely use water resources in a solar-friendly way. In 2017, WBS was invited to participate in the Amazon Australia station to achieve a direct factory shop model, allowing Australian customers to Faster and Better Service Buy WBS solar water pumps directly from the factory.

We ship directly to your warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.

We have an Australian local after sales team to solve your after sales and service problems as quickly as possible.