1. The reason for the severe vibration of the pump is that the electric rotor is unbalanced or the coupling is poorly coupled, the bearing is worn and bent, some parts are loose and broken, and the pipe bracket is not strong. Adjustment, repair, reinforcement,straightening, replacement, etc. can be taken separately.

2. The leaking or leaking of the pipeline may be due to the screw cap not tightening during installation. If the leakage is not serious, apply cement, wet mud or soft soap to the place where it leaks or leaks. If the joint leaks, you can tighten the screw cap by hand. If the water leakage is serious,it must be disassembled.

3. Most of the poor pumping is caused by the packing being pressed too tightly, the cooling water entering the packing or the shaft surface being damaged. Measures such as appropriate loosening of the packing and cleaning of the closed tube can be taken. The filler must be replaced with new ones. It must be soaked in the oil before installation and loaded in a circle. The incisions should be staggered to reduce water leakage. After the last lap of packing is installed, the gland should be installed and the tightness should be adjusted during operation.

4. The reason why the pump does not absorb water or drain is mostly because the bottom valve is stuck, the filtering water is blocked, the water absorption height is too high, or the water is leaking. It may also be caused by improper steering and blocked impeller flow path. After checking one by one,measures such as repairing the bottom valve, removing the fouling material,correcting the steering, and cleaning the impeller can be taken separately.


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