How long do the solar pump systems last?

Q: How long do the solar pump systems last?


A: solar panel warranty of 10 years. The normal use period is more than 25 years, they have no moving parts to wear out. Brushless solar pump warranty of 2 years. The motors in the brushless motor pumps have a 20,000-hour rating.


If the water level shut-off is used to shut off the pump when the tank is full, hours of runtime are saved on the motor, extending pump life. We have customers who have run our solar pumps for more than 5 years without maintenance. Water quality and proper installation are key factors in how long the pumps will last. If there is no weep hole installed in a well, where freezing temps can occur, the pump can be ruined. If the pumps are placed in sandy or dirty wells, premature wear is inevitable.



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