WBS SOLAR PUMP- Self-priming Pump Pipeline Leakage Inspection Method

WBS SOLAR PUMP- Self-priming Pump Pipeline Leakage Inspection Method

The self-priming pump relies on the high-speed rotation of the impeller to pump the low-pressure zone in the self-priming pump. Therefore,the self-priming pump must ensure that the inlet pipe does not leak. That is to ensure that the outside air cannot enter the inlet pipe. Otherwise, it will not only affect the pumping efficiency, but also cause severe vibration and noise when the pump is working.


When the pump is working, if the pump does not have enough water or water. First of all, it should be considered whether the inlet pipe is inaccessible due to the lack of air in the eyes, cracks or joints. And observeit to find the air intake. Here are a few easy ways to check for leaks in the inlet pipe of the pump.

(1) Oil method: For the inlet point that is difficult to ascertain, apply a small amount of oil to the determined inlet. The oil is quickly sucked away and is the intake.

(2) Duck feather method: use a duck feather to get close to the suspected air intake when the pump is running. Observe the fluttering of the duck down hair.


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