Professional SMT Line: Accurate & Fast Production of Printed Circuit Boards for Solar Pump Controller

In this week's article, we tell you a bit more about our SMT production line. Since 2019, WBS Pump start to built our own SMT line for WBS solar pump controller. This in-house production is efficient and faster for electronic devices in general, but it also gives us a more comprehensive range for solar pump controllers.


Professional SMT Line: Accurate & Fast Production of Printed Circuit Boards for Solar Pump Controller

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021 - WBS Solar Water Pump

Thanks to all my friends and clients with our most sincere gratitude for your trust and support for the last time.


Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021 - WBS Solar Water Pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Helping the Namibia Livestock industry

Namibia's animal husbandry is relatively developed. 85% of the arable land is used to develop animal husbandry, accounting for 76% of the total income from agriculture and animal husbandry...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - In the face of the COVID-19, we will face the difficulties together

Italy gave us valuable support during the most difficult time for China to fight the COVID-19. Now we also want to stand firmly with the Italian people. Although China still has a large demand for medical supplies, we still provide Italy with medical supplies such as masks. We also sent expert teams to Italy to help them fight the epidemic together...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - The company actively arranges protection work for employees after resuming work

After the production was resumed, the company seriously implemented the protection of employees. Before workers return to work, they must show a green bar code proving their health. ...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar water pumps and solar panels in the warehouse in Sydney, Australia

Although the company postponed work due to the impact of the 2019-nCoV epidemic, we have a large number of solar pumps and solar panels that have reached our warehouse in Sydney, Australia...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - Stainless steel solar submersible pump advantage

WBS DC Brushless Solar Submersible Pump with S/S impeller Advantage:

1. Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor: The efficiency is improved by 15%-20%; Save energy; Reduce the consumption of solar panels.

2. 304 S/S pump shaft...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - New factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang

July 28,WBS SOLAR PUMP Ningbo new factory officially put into production. In order to expand production and business needs, WBS SOLAR PUMP set up a new plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province to undertake part of the production needs....


WBS SOLAR PUMP--What are the characteristics of non-blocking sewage pumps?

For the people who have used the non-blocking sewage pump, they have a better understanding of it. Of course, the difference between the non-blocking sewage pump and the general water pump can also be clearly understood.


WBS SOLAR PUMP--How to choose the booster pump

Booster pumps are used to increase pressure within liquid circulation systems, either for specific applications fed by the systems that require the higher pressure, or for increasing the distance the system is required to carry the liquid at the circulation pressure.


WBS SOLAR PUMP--Installation and Inspection of Deep Well Pump

WBS Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of centrifugal pumps such as stainless steel submersible pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps, solar POOL pumps, surface solar pumps,solar Aerator.and so on. It has the advantages of scientific research, manufacturing and sales as a whole, perfect quality management system, exquisite scientific research team, and continuous introductio


WBS SOLAR PUMP--How to replace a pump impeller

An impeller is a small but important part of a pumping system. It looks like a little three-dimensional propeller.


WBS SOLAR PUMP--How to Repair swimming Pool Panels

Swimming pool solar panels eventually leak. Ultra violet light damage and freezing temperatures often cause solar panel tube leaks. Leaks will be found in the small diameter tubes and where these meet the larger diameter upper and lower tubes. Use the following steps to repair leaks in solar pool panels.


WBS SOLAR PUMP--A Practical Introduction

If you need to supply water beyond the reach of power lines,then solar power can solve the problem.