Partnership plan

Partnership plan


一、Exclusive agency customercooperation model


How can become our brand agent? 

1For different regions and countries, annual salesrange from $200,000 to $1,000,000.

2Learn about solar water pump products and provideafter-sales support.

3Optimistic about the prospects of solar pump products,and signed an agency contract with our company.


What benefits can you get after becomingour agent?

1Enjoy a discounted price of 5%-10%.

2The annual sales of agency clients exceed the salessigned by agency contracts, and there will be rebates ranging from 2% to 5% atthe end of the year.

(1) The actual sales amount is 150% of the contracted sales, and 2% rebatefor the excess amount;

(2) The actual sales amount is 150%-200% of the contracted sales, and 3%rebate for the excess amount;

(3) The actual sales amount is 200% of the contracted sales, and 5%rebate for the excess amount.

3Provide promotional brochures, exhibition stands andother advertising products.

4Each year, the company sends engineers to visit theagency customers from time to time to solve the problem of product quality andsales.

5In the agency area, this branded product or this modelcan only be sold to the agency customer.                                                                                   


二、Non-proxy key customercooperation model


What is our approach to cooperation?

1Can be our brand or customer free customized brand.

2Single order no less than 50 units.

3Annual orders to reach the agency requirements canapply to become our exclusive agent, enjoy more benefits.


What are the preferential policies we canprovide?                               

13%-8% discount based on different order quantity.                                             

2Help develop into an exclusive agent.                                                           

3Every year, the company sends engineers to visitcustomers from time to time to solve customer's product quality and salesproblems.                                                                               



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