Africa--Reference in Namibia

Africa--Reference in Namibia

DC brushless DQB solar surface pump application reference

● Location: Namibia

● Model: DQB2-30-24-280

● Max Flow: 2 m3/h

● Max Head: 30 m

● Power: 280 w

Customer Reference

A Namibian customer wants us to recommend a water pump for irrigation vegetables. He needs to pump water from a river more than 100 meters away before irrigating vegetables and cash crops. We have recommended a solar surface pump of the type DQB2-30-24-280. This pump can meet customer needs. At the same time, this pump is cheap and effective.

This solar surface pump uses a permanent magnet brushless motor to save energy and reduce the use of solar panels. It contains a controller with MPPT function, high solar energy utilization rate, and also has automatic startup and shutdown, soft start, high voltage / low voltage/overcurrent/high-temperature protection functions.

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