WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
WBS 6inch AC/DC Solar Water Pump S/S Impeller Water-Filled Motor 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200

Item specifics

AC/DC Solar Bore Pump with Built-in Controller
Stainless Steel 304
Package type
Wooden Case
Irrigation;Poultry Farming;Ranch; Fountain
Pump Warranty
2 years
Water-Filled Brushless Motor
MPPT Tech AC/DC Built-in
2200 W
60-440V DC / 90-240V AC
Max Head
23 m
Max Flow
37.5 m3/h



WBS DFS-series Hybrid AC/DC Solar Submersible Pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet, brushless motor, Which enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options.

The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable.

The structure of motor with double shields poses no pollution risk to drinking water.

The integrated control system is built inside the motor to make it more compatible and reliable, while offering the MPPT function-Maximum Power Point Tracking, maximizing the utilization of power generated from the photovoltaic generator.
Its main application scenes are:

The 6-inch AC/DC Hybrid solar well bore pump with stainless steel impeller for Irrigation, poultry farming, drip irrigation, Fountain system and garden irrigation.

1. Water-cooled motor, safe and poses no pollution risk to drinking water.

2. Advanced brushless dc motor, saving energy and offering maximum efficiency: In DC mode, the MPPT function can achieve over 99% efficiency.

3. Motor-Built-in controller, with MPPT and DSP Technology, offering the easiest and simplest installation. Can be submersible up to 150m underwater.

4. Intelligent frequency conversion algorithm, maximizing efficiency and saving energy.

5. A high degree of flexibility with regards to power supply and power range,offering a wide range of power sources to choose from.

6. Can be powered from the mains and/ or power generators, guaranteeing operation day or night.

7. Two years warranty.
Performance Curve of model 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200
About installation
What we get for you (Package Include)

- 1x 6 inch AC/DC S/S impeller solar submersible bore pump(controller built-in)

- 1x Pump outlet joint connector

- 1x Splice kit for cable join

- 1x Splice kit for waterproof

What You need to get by yourself: (Package DO NOT Include)

- Suitable solar panels. There're some suggestions in the instruction book.

- Stainless steel wires ( called safety cable) to hold pump in bore. If pumping water from dam or river, a float set up required.

- Poly pipes from pump to water tank.

- Wire power cable (2 wires plus earth). we recommend cable size at least chicker than the original cable in the pump.

About Dry-run Protection
The pump has dry-run protection. So low level sensors are not needed.
Max Working Pressure
15 bar
Stainless Steel 304
Pump outlet
3 "
Stainless Steel 304
Minimum borehole diameter
155 mm (bigger than 6")
100% high temperature copper
Max Head
23 m
Solar panels suggestion 
330W x8 (in series)
Water-in Motor
Coolant & electrolyte water
Cable length

Electrical data
Rated power
Pumped liquid
Clean Water
DC VOC range
60-440 V
Liquid max temp
40 °C
AC voltage range
90-240 V
Max Flow
37.5 m3/h
Enclosure class
Insulation class
Net weight
27 kgs
Built-in motor protection
Gross weight
25 kgs
Shipping volume
0.04  m³
Ningbo, China

If you need Performance Curve details for any models, please feel free to contact us. Or check our catalog (Click Below):

Catalog of AC/DC Water-Filled Motor Solar Bore Pumps
No. ITEM DC Voltage range AC Voltage range Power Max flow Max head Outlet Pump size
1 4DFS5.7-83-750 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 750 W 5.7m3/h 83 m 1.25" 4"
2 4DFS5.9-107-1100 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1100 W 5.9m3/h 107 m 1.25" 4"
3 4DFS6.1-129-1300 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1300 W 6.1 m3/h 129 m 1.25" 4"
4 4DFS6.2-144-1500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1500 W 6.2m3/h 144 m 1.25" 4"
5 4DFS6.1-183-1800 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1800 W 6.1 m3/h 183m 1.25" 4"
6 4DFS6.7-39-500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 500W 6.7m3/h 39m 1.25" 4"
7 4DFS7.7-73-1100 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1100 W 7.7m3/h 73 m 1.25" 4"
8 4DFS8.4-97-1500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1500 W 8.4 m3/h 97m 1.25" 4"
9 4DFS8.1-133-1800 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1800 W 8 .1m3/h 133m 1.25" 4"
10 4DFS8-157-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200 W 8 m3/h 157 m 1.25" 4"
11 4DFS10.2-40-750 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 750 W 10.2m3/h 40m 1.25" 4"
12 4DFS9.5-77-1100 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1100 W 9.5m3/h 77m 1.5" 4"
13 4DFS10-104-1500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1500 W 10m3/h 104m 1.5" 4"
14 4DFS10.3-129-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W  10.3m3/h 129 m 1.5" 4"
15 4DFS10.6-136-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 10.6m3/h 136 m 2" 4"
16 4DFS14.3-26-750 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 750 W  14.3m3/h 26m 2" 4"
17 4DFS15-38-1100 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1100 W 15 m3/h 38m 2" 4"
18 4DFS16.4-51-1500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1500 W 16.4 m3/h 51m 2" 4"
19 4DFS16.1-63-1800 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1800 W 16.1 m3/h 63 m 2" 4"
20 4DFS16.8-81-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 16.8 m3/h 81 m 2" 4"
21 4DFS16.7-98-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 16.7 m3/h 98 m 2" 4"
22 4DFS22-12-1100 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1100 W 22 m3/h 12 m 2" 4"
23 4DFS24.1-27-1500 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1500 W 24.1m3/h  27m 2" 4"
24 4DFS27-38-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 27 m3/h 38 m 2" 4"
25 4DFS25.5-52-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 25.5m3/h 52 m 2" 4"
26 4/5DFS28.2-58-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 28.2 m3/h 58m 2.5" 5"
27 4/5DFS26.5-81-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 26.5m3/h 81 m 2.5" 5"
28 4/5DFS28-44-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W  28m3/h 44 m 2.5" 5"
29 4/5DFS28.5-59-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 28.5 m3/h 59 m 2.5" 5"
30 4/5DFS32.5-22-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 32.5 m3/h 22m 2.5" 5"
31 4/5DFS33.8-41-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 33.8 m3/h 41 m 2.5" 5"
32 4/5DFS32.5-64-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 32.5 m3/h 64 m 2.5" 5"
33 4/5DFS33.5-21-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 33.5 m3/h 21 m 2.5" 5"
34 4/5DFS38-39-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 38 m3/h 39 m 2.5" 5"
35 4/5DFS35.8-54-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 35.8m3/h 54 m 2.5" 5"
36 4/5DFS38-41-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 38 m3/h 41 m 2.5" 5"
37 4/6DFS37.2-22-1800 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 1800 W 37.2 m3/h 22 m 3" 6"
38 4/6DFS35.8-38-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 35.8 m3/h 38 m 2.5" 6"
39 4/6DFS35-61-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 35m3/h 61 m 3" 6"
40 4/6DFS37.5-23-2200 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 37.5 m3/h  23m 3" 6"
41 4/6DFS38.8-42-2600 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600 W 38.8 m3/h 42 m 3" 6"
42 4/6DFS34.2-58-3000 60-380Vmp(60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000 W 34.2m3/h 58 m 3" 6"
Shipping Policy
Fast & On-time International Delivery
Your item usually will be shipped within 3-5 business day once the full payment is confirmed from our China Factory. Every single item will be carefully packed. 

Normally, we will use door to door UPS/FedEx/TNT express. The following shipment methods are also acceptable:
1. Ship to your cargo in China
2. Sea shipping by bulk to your nearby sea port
3. Air shipping to your nearby airport
Safe Payment methods
We accept the following payment methods:
1. Bank transfer(T/T) - USD
2. PayPal
3. Alibaba Payment
4. AliPay
5. Bank transfer(T/T) - RMB China local
2 years warranty by manufacturer
Our water pump has a warranty period of two years. During the warranty period, any quality problems caused by non-human factors were found. We will supply replacements (motor/impeller/pump body/ even new pump) for you for free.
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