Can I use solar or wind power to keep my stock tank from freezing?

Q: Can I use solar or wind power to keep my stock tank from freezing?A: That depends on how cold it gets at your site, if your tank is insulated/bermed and how you plan to keep your tank from freezing. Heating elements consume a lot of power to keep water from freezing which would require a large and expensive solar array to operate. There are bubbler system on the market that simply circulate the warmer water from the bottom to the top of the tank and those are much more efficient than a heating element. In very cold climates it is best to install a cover on your tank that leaves only a small portion of the water exposed and then berm your tank all the way around and on top of the cover. There are other more expensive and complicated methods of taping into the warm earth temperatures below the tank as well as insulating the tank and only providing water to the livestock when they come to the tank to drink. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comWhatsApp/ Tel: +86 16605743599 

Solar Water Pump Payment Policy

Q: Solar Water Pump Payment PolicyA: Taxes are not included.We accept payment by any of the following methods(Only):*PayPal(Top Recommended)*Bank transfer and all major credit cards through PayPal.*If you don't have PayPal, please contact us and leave message.Please pay as soon as possible after winning an auction, as that will allow us to post your item sooner! E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

Does COVID-19 affect solar pump shipping?

Q: Does COVID-19 affect solar pump shipping?A: Currently affected by COVID-19, air transportation in many countries and regions has been suspended. Such as many countries in South America and Africa. It may also be returned or detained during shipping.We have warehouses in Australia and stock solar pump. Therefore, Australia is temporarily not affected by COVID-19. Welcome to buy. If you want to buy a solar pump, please contact me. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

What should you do during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Q: What should you do during the COVID-19 epidemic?A: ●Minimize going out and don't go to crowds.●Please wear a mask when going out to public places.●Wash your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and running water. Or use alcohol-free hand sanitizer.●Ventilate the room and workplace.●Drink plenty of water, rest, avoid staying up late, and exercise moderately to improve your immune system.●Prepare common supplies such as thermometers, disposable masks, household disinfection supplies, etc. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

WBS solar pump delivery method and time

Q: WBS solar pump delivery method and timeA: We generally use express delivery (FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL). The shipping time is 7-15 days. Large orders are generally shipped by sea. The shipping time is 20-30 days.We have warehouses in Sydney, Australia, and Houston, Texas, USA. In the United States and parts of Australia, we can even arrive the next day.Welcome to buy WBS solar water pump. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

How to buy solar water pump online?

Q: How to buy solar water pump online?A: If you want to buy a solar water pump, you can follow the tips below.Buy Guide:https://www.wbspump.com/oid1739957/Buying-Guide.htm  E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

About Australian warehouse solar pumps and solar panels inventory

Q: About Australian warehouse solar pumps and solar panels inventoryA: Solar pumps and solar panels are in stock in Sydney, Australia (except for a small number of models that are sold out and not replenished). The purchase of WBS solar water pumps in Australia will not be affected by the 2019-nCoV epidemic. Delivery can be arranged within 48 hours. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599

Can you ship normally during the Chinese New Year holiday?

Q: Can you ship normally during the Chinese New Year holiday?A: From January 8th to February 15th, only certain models of Australian overseas warehouses will be shipped. Please contact us for specific model information. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

Is the Chinese New Year holiday?

Q: Is the Chinese New Year holiday?A: Yes! Holiday time of production workshop: 2020.1.14-2020.2.8Holiday time of sales department: 2020.1.18-2020-2.1During the holiday of the production workshop, no pump production work will be arranged. If you have any questions during the holiday, you can still contact our sales staff. We will continue to answer your questions. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599 

How about factory scale and productivity?

Q: How about factory scale and productivity?A: WBS solar pump is a professional manufactory for deep well pumps, surface solar pumps and submersible solar pumps. Our head office is located in Wenling, Zhejiang, which is established in 1989. And we found our branch office specially for solar pumps in 2016 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. We have advanced automatic winding machine, assembling line and testing machines to control the quality. And we already got CE certificate, ISO9001, technical patents etc. For the past 3 years, we have exported 105821 pcs of solar pumps all over the world, and got countless buyer praise. We never stop the steps to improve and innovate our solar pumps to reach the different market requirement. E-mail: wbs.au@outlook.comTel/WhatsApp: +86 16605743599

Does WBS SOLAR PUMP have an overseas warehouse?

Q: Does WBS SOLAR PUMP have an overseas warehouse? A:  WBS SOLAR PUMP is equipped with warehouses in the US and Australia to provide faster logistics services.WBS SOLAR PUMP US warehouse in Huston, texas. Australian warehouse in sydney.WBS uses UPS-Ground logistics. It can provide logistics services of “6 days to arrive” and “3 days to arrive”. Some areas are available for arrival the next day. E-mail: diffulaustralia@qq.comWhatsApp/ Tel: +86 16605743599

What are the advantages of Solar Pumps

Q:What are the advantages of Solar Pumps A:Solar pumps, also known as photovoltaic pumps, are one of the best equipments for domestic water supply and farmland irrigation in areas lacking power in the world. It can use solar energy everywhere, the system is fully automated, sunrise and sunset. It does not need the supervision of personnel, so that the workload of maintenance personnel can be minimized, so solar pumps are the ideal green energy application system.Solar pumps also have some advantages that other pumps do not have. The first point is the reliability of solar water pump, because it seldom uses moving parts. As long as the light energy is continuously supplied, the water in the underground is very reliable.The second point is its safety. Its voltage is generally relatively small and relatively safe. Secondly, its power comes from solar panels, so it is easy to control. Then, the pump itself is noiseless, and it will not produce other liquids and gases in the work. Therefore, the solar pump is a relatively environmentally friendly pump, so it is highly concerned in the market.Third, the pump itself is relatively small, so the installation is relatively simple and convenient.Fourth, solar energy is used, but solar energy is available everywhere, so Solar Pumps and the use of a very wide range.These are some of the advantages of the solar pump itself, because it has the advantages of power supply everywhere, so its use is very many, including desert well digging, farmland irrigation and so on. Generally, pumps are difficult to do, solar pumps can easily do.

How to connect cables of a deep well submersible pump?

How to connect cables of a deep well submersible pump? A deep well submersible pump usually has only an outgoing cable when it leaves the factory. When the client installs the pump, he needs to connect extra cables to it by himself. This must be done in a correct way, otherwise it will have great influence on the operation of the deep well submersible pump. We will introduce the way of connecting cables of deep well submersible pump as follows:1. Strip off the outer jacket and primary insulating layer of the deep well pump cables, baring 35~40mm copper wire. Make the rubber close to the cable core into the shape of cone. Polish and clear away the oxide layer of the cable core. Use alcohol (hydrochloric acid is better) to clean the cable core, insulating layer to be wrapped and the layer of sheath, wait until they dry naturally in the air.2. Connecting the ends1) Power cable 2) polyvinyl chloride adhesive tape 3) self-adhesive butyl rubber tape 4) φ1mm copper wire 5) soldering tin 6) Outgoing cable3. Prepare a 500W electric soldering iron, rosin, soldering tin, 1 mm bare copper wire and insulating tape.4. Fasten the cable core evenly with bare cooper wire. Use the electric soldering iron to heat the tin and let the melted tin penetrate thoroughly and evenly into the fastened cable core.  Use a rasper to amend the welding part to make it flat, with no burrs or sharp edges. Wipe it clean with alcohol again, and let it dry naturally in the air.5. First, use self-adhesive butyl rubber tape to wrap it in three half-lapped layers gradually reaching toward the outside of the cable core. When wrapping, you must pull the adhesive tape to make it stretch to 200% larger. Use polyvinyl chloride adhesive tape to wrap again in three half-lapped layers, gradually reaching toward the outside of the cable core as before. Make sure the wrapped part is not shorter than 200mm.6. When connecting the three-core cable, you should keep the three connections separated from each other by some distance to prevent short circuit.7. The way of connecting double outgoing cables1) After connecting the cables, you should measure the insulation resistance between cable and the motor (not filled with water) remotely. The measured value is normally not lower than 150MΩ.2) When the motor has been filled with water, you should measure again the insulation resistance of motor windings remotely. The measured value should not be lower than 40MΩ.3) Power on the motor for less than 2 seconds to test its rotation direction. Mark the position and order of the phases.4) Now we begin to put the pump down into the well. During this process, you should keep measuring its insulation resistance remotely and observe the changing for fear that the insulation layer of the cable is scraped by the wall of the well. If you find the insulation resistance drops sharply below 0.5MΩ, you should pull the pumping unit up and identify and causes.  If no accidents happen, after putting the pump down into the well, you can start it up for a test run according to the steps we talked about previously.

Installation, Use and Notice of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Q:Installation, Use and Notice of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 1. Before using the stainless steel submersible pump, it is necessary to check whether the pump is damaged during transportation and storage, such as whether the cable and plug are intact, whether the bolts are loose or not, and whether there is oil leakage pump shell. If damaged parts are found, they should be replaced. Do not make the pump work with "disease". The cold insulation resistance of the motor should be greater than 50 megaohms, and leakage protection devices should be installed and grounded reliably. 2.Then check whether the range of voltage fluctuation is between +5% and -15% of rated voltage (otherwise the life of motor will be shortened or even burned out). If the pump is used far away from the power supply, the transmission line should be appropriately thickened (the diameter of the power supply line must be larger than that of the pump power line, otherwise the power supply line too thin will make the voltage drop too much to start running). When the power supply voltage is too low, the transmission line should be appropriately thickened.(Unadjustable) When the pump is submerged and the power supply is closed, there will be no water or water outlet is very slow. It should be started without load and put into water after normal operation. In addition, it should be sealed and exploded strictly at the joints of the power supply wires to prevent leakage of electricity due to water.3.Connect the power supply of stainless steel submersible pump to idle for a few seconds (no more than 60 seconds), check the start-up, operation and turning correctly (if the three-phase electric pump is not turning correctly, then adjust any two of the power supply output lines). After power-on, it is found that no water or less water will turn incorrectly, and adjust the wiring.4.Connect the conveyor pipes matching the outlet, tie them tightly with tightening hoops, and string ropes at the handle for lifting and putting them in use. Never use cable to lift the pump. The pump works in the lake. The depth of water entering should not exceed 5 meters, and the distance from the bottom should be more than 50 cm. It should be covered with bamboo baskets or wire mesh outside to block the filter mesh in the waterproof tank, so that the pump can not work normally.5.When submersible pumps are working, attention should be paid to the drop of water level (especially when pumping well water). Pumps should not be exposed to work outside sleep, nor can they be dehydrated for a long time to avoid motor heating and burning nail windings.6.Stainless steel submersible pump must be used within the prescribed lift range, not less than 80% of the prescribed lift. Otherwise, the pump will burn the motor due to overload.7. Stainless steel submersible pump can not start frequently, and the interval between two starts should not be less than 1 minute.