[New Tech] AC/DC Controller for WBS pump Avaliable Now!

WBS pump new developed AC/DC Hybrid controllers for solar pumps are coming. It can run not only with DC solar power but also electricity from 110V-240V. What's more, it can auto-switching from solar to electricity to ensure the pump working well even with the bad sunlight.


[New Tech] AC/DC Controller for WBS pump Avaliable Now!


DIY Solar bore pumps are more and more popular. But how and where should I install the controller for the pump? This article will show you the best way to install and what should you pay attention to.



WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Australian PV moves towards microgrid system

Australia, with superior lighting conditions and a vast ground, has always been a key global photovoltaic market. According to data released by the renewable energy agency IRENA, Australia added 4.625GW of new photovoltaic installations in 2019, of which two-thirds of the new near-capacity was rooftop photovoltaics. It is understood that the household market in Australia this year may exceed that of last year...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Vietnam's rooftops, industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaics grow significantly

In the first five months of this year, the Vietnamese market added 274MW of rooftop photovoltaics. As of the end of July 2020, the total installed capacity of rooftop photovoltaics reached 925.8MW. And this number was still 378MW at the end of 2019...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The photovoltaic market is expected to welcome recovery growth

Driven by projects such as bidding and parity, the domestic photovoltaic market will achieve recovery growth, and the fourth quarter is expected to usher in a climax of installation.

In the first half of this year, the operating performance of listed companies in the photovoltaic sector is gradually improving...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Helping the Namibia Livestock industry

Namibia's animal husbandry is relatively developed. 85% of the arable land is used to develop animal husbandry, accounting for 76% of the total income from agriculture and animal husbandry...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - How to extend the service life of submersible pumps?

The following are some points on how to improve the life of submersible pumps:

1. Confirm the correct rotation direction of the motor...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Zimbabwe gold mine will be powered by photovoltaics

Caledonia Mining, a Canadian-based mining company, revealed. It plans to use the US$13 million raised by its recent stock offering to support the development of its solar power plant at its Blanket gold mine in Gwanda, Zimbabwe...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Distributed photovoltaics are popular, and the Polish photovoltaic market has a good prospect

At this stage, the growth of installed photovoltaic power generation capacity in Poland is mainly attributed to the distributed photovoltaic market. Favorable measures such as the net metering tariff policy have promoted the development of the Polish distributed photovoltaic market...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The company designed new AC/DC controller

WBS is a solar pump brand of DIFFUL Electronics Co., Ltd.The WBS solar pump brand comes from Wenling, Zhejiang, China's water pump city. 70% of the world's water pumps are produced here. WBS head office is located in Wenling, Zhejiang, which is established in 1989. ...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Thailand rooftop photovoltaic project officially put into use

The MajorCineplex site of Thailand’s B.GRIMM 70-megawatt rooftop distributed photovoltaic project group (hereinafter referred to as “Thailand Roof Photovoltaic Project Group”)...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - What should be paid attention to when installing solar water pump?

1. Prevent dry running

(1) When debugging the system, pay attention to the trial operation stage. The dry running time of the pump cannot exceed 90S, otherwise the pump motor may be damaged due to high temperature...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The social and economic benefits of solar pumping systems

For a long time, how to solve the problem of water pumping and water supply in mountainous areas, arid areas, grassland pastures, and desertified areas at the energy level has been a technical problem that has plagued the development of agriculture and animal husbandry and ecological construction at home and abroad...


WBS SOLAR PUMP - - 4 inch solar submersible pump application reference in Laos

Laos has a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate. The rainy season is from May to October, and the dry season is from November to April. Laos is dominated by agriculture and has a weak industrial foundation...